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Both the day of arrival and the day of departure are charged in full. You can deliver or collect in either of our two daily opening periods. Please book for the minimum period required because you will be charged for all the days that you book and refunds are not given for early collection. Bookings can normally be extended if you require additional days.

Conditions of Boarding at Chilworth Kennels and Cattery

When a booking is made owners accept our Conditions of Boarding. The conditions form a contractual agreement between ourselves and the pet owner. As at 25th of September 2019 - the terms are:

2018 Animal Welfare Regulation. Vaccinations, micro chipping and parasite protection. These regulations came into force on 1 October 2018 and place new obligations on both ourselves and on owners. We are now required to record micro chip numbers for dogs, in-date parasite treatment (ticks, fleas and worming) and in-date annual vaccinations given at least fourteen days prior to entry. Owners are also asked to provide safe toys for environmental enrichment.

Bordetella Protection (kennel cough (KC). We insist that all dogs boarded with us have in-date protection against Bordetella. The recommended lead time for validity is five days. It is a separate vaccination given by nasal spray.

Acceptance. The right to refuse entry is reserved where any of our Conditions of Boarding are not met. We do not board guard dogs, security dogs or any animal that can not be easily and safely be handled by kennel staff. Owners board pets at their own risk.

Delivery and Collection times. Admission and collection is only permitted during our published opening hours.

Cancellations and advance payments. Owners undertake to pay the boarding fee in full for the period that is booked. Full advance payments will be requested for peak periods. Late July through August is a peak. Where deposits or advance payments are paid they are not refundable in the event of cancellation unless fourteen days written notice of the cancellation is given. Please give as much notice as possible if you intend to cancel a booking.

Early collections and refunds. Refunds are not given for early collection before the date stated on the booking form.

Daily charging. Charges are applied daily. The day of arrival and day of departure are charged in full.

Booking period. Owners are asked to book for the minimum period required. Bookings can normally be extended as necessary.

Methods of payment. Payment can be made by most credit and debit cards or by cash. Cheques are only accepted for payments in advance. We are unable to accept payment by American Express (AMEX).

Duty of Care and veterinary treatment authorisation for provision of veterinary treatment. Owners authorise veterinary treatment to be given should it be considered necessary. Under the 2006 Animal Boarding Act a Duty of Care obligation is placed on us and we have to take action if a pet is showing signs of illness. An administrative charge to cover time and transport for vet visits will be made. To avoid transport charges owners are advised to provide contact details of a friend, relative or other third party who can assist in an emergency. We will attempt to contact the owners or their representatives prior to treatment but this may not always be possible. Overnight care is not normally possible at ordinary veterinary surgeries so if your pet develops a condition requiring overnight care and your emergency contact is unable to care for your pet then owners must accept financial responsibility for any costs incurred should treatment be required at a specialist veterinary centre. These costs can be substantial.

Insurance for veterinary fees. Owners must either arrange pet insurance or carry their own risk. Owners are strongly advised to have insurance because of the significant cost of vet fees and the very high cost of out of hours care which is now given by Mildmay Veterinary Hospital in Winchester.

Sick animals. We are not qualified to care for sick animals. Sick pets should be left in the care of a veterinary hospital.

Veterinary history. Owners undertake to declare any history of veterinary problems that could reoccur while boarding and to draw attention to any traits or vices that their animals may have.

Medication administration. If medication is required to be administered this will be undertaken provided the animal will accept the medication without resistance and that the medication can be given by a person who does not have veterinary qualifications. Owners are asked to provide a written brief of medication needs. Please give advance notice of any significant medication needs because we may not be able to accept the pet.

Stress, weight loss and elderly pets. Owners are asked to understand that some dogs will suffer from stress in a kennels situation and this will be evidenced by weight loss. The situation will only be reversed when the pet is reunited with its owner. In some cases the weight loss can be significant, particularly on a long board. It is not recommended that elderly pets are boarded because it is kinder that they are cared for in familiar home surroundings. We may refuse to accept an elderly pet.

Special care charges. Additional charges may be raised where above normal care is found to be required.

Bathing and Grooming. Dogs can normally be bathed at conclusion of the boarding period for a fee agreed prior to acceptance. Grooming is not included within the boarding fee.

Owners property. No responsibility is taken for owner's property left with us, including damage, loss or soiling of bedding, baskets or pet's toys. Owners are asked not to bring bedding or fabric cat baskets.

Queries. Owners are asked to contact us in advance if any queries or concerns arise relating to our Conditions of Boarding.